October 1, 2016

Our Story

Greg and I were set up by a common friend in February of 2015. I had gone hunting with Matt, the husband of my next door neighbor at Texas A&M, on his bird lease just south of San Antonio. His across the street neighbor, Paul, who is on the lease as well, went with us. Unbeknownst to me, Paul had called Greg (also on the lease) and told him to get out there, there was a girl he needed to meet. Greg wasn't able to go. About two weeks later I was back over at Matt and Hannah's house and Paul came over and insisted I call Greg. I didn't, but he did. Again, he couldn't come join us. He gave me Greg's contact and the following Monday, I sent an introductory text. We continued to text chat all day and he called me that night when he finished work to set up a date. That Thursday, February 19th, we had our first date at Chris Madrid's (his favorite restaurant). He was smitten and I thought he was worth a second date. I don't remember ebing apart from him after that. We both knew. 

Just FYI, we would have met early, almost a year ealier when another common friend tried to set us up, but Greg just wasn't ready to get back out there. They say timing is everything. I think it is.